About Okason Software

We help contractors grow with done for you websites and digital marketing.

Who We Are

Welcome to Okason Software, founded in April 2022 by Val Okafor, a seasoned software engineer and entrepreneur based in San Diego, California. Our focus is on empowering home service and home improvement professionals through effective web design and app development. We understand the complexities of the digital landscape and are committed to simplifying it for our clients, drawing from over 14 years of expertise in software engineering and entrepreneurship.

Led by Val Okafor, whose family's small business background informs our approach, we not only create exceptional websites but also provide unwavering customer service and support. At Okason Software, we aim to streamline your online presence and help you achieve your business goals through the transformative power of effective web design.

Val Okafor - Founder, Okason Software

Our Core Values

Excellent Output

We take pride of our work and go the extra mile to deliver excellent output to help you stand out with compelling and effective online presences.


We do not promote tech for tech sake. We are committed to finding cost-effective simple tech solutions that help you simplify and grow your business.


We value doing more with less. We maximize leveraging  tools and strategies to resourcefully tackle challenges and achieve optimal results.


Trust is paramount. We are committed to being a reliable partner, providing consistent and dependable web design and digital marketing services.